Quality-to-price ratio

Since the beginning of our business, we have consistently aimed to offer our clients a fair quality-to-price ratio. 

Compliance with deadlines

We strive to deliver our production on time, because each client is important to us. 

Operational efficiency

Thanks to new technologies and our solid team, we are capable of completing tasks in a quick and timely manner.


Our products

About us

Private Limited Liability Company “TAULIDAS” is a company that has been successfully operating since 2002. The main business activities of the company include the production of metal furniture fittings and other metal constructions.

Our goal is to be a reliable partner to all clients and supply only high-quality products.

Thanks to our long-standing experience, today we can offer a wide range of products not only to furniture manufacturers. As we are open to innovations and constantly improving, we are able to offer a fair quality-to-price ratio. We are flexible and make it a priority to understand the needs and demands of each client. 

Since 2012, UAB “Taulidas” is recognized as one of the most successful and fastest growing companies in Lithuania.


Adress: Auksūdžio village, 
Laižuvos eldership,
Mažeikių area
LT-89473, Lithuania 
Phone/fax: +370-443-43929 
Phone: +370-443-29685 
E-mail: info@taulidas.lt